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Welcome To Allergy World

About us

Allergy World is devoted to improving the quality of life of
allergy patients .

Allergy World is focused around the delivery of three strategic verticals which aim to address :

  •   The diagnosis of allergies
  •    The holistic management of allergy by Immunotherapy
  •    The preventive strategies for reducing the effect of allergens

Our Vision

we imagine a world where every person in every corner of India is able to access the best practices in allergy medicine to improve the quality OF LIFE OF PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM ALLERGIES We aim to reduce the economic burden and dependence of the patients and consumers on conventional anti-histaminic and steroid medication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our patients and consumers to live and work better, by reducing the effect of one of the commonest chronic ailments in the world: allergies. We wish to promote ease of access to quality allergy management for physicians and patients in a cost-effective manner.

Core values

Responsible & Ethical Medicine

Our core values are patient focus, integrity, ethical medicine & respect for people. We expect our
employees and associates to share our values and act with integrity at all times. Doing what is
right for the welfare of our patients and consumers is foremost in our hearts.


Patient Focus

Our team brings important experience and knowledge, in order to focus on the individuals’ specific allergic condition and, doing what is right for the patients and consumers.



We are committed to the highest standard of ethical medical practice and governance in our work. We are committed to deliver the highest quality medicines and products, at par with global standards, to our patients and consumers.
To do this we work with our partners and customers to improve healthcare and find
new ways to improve our service delivery systems.


New technologies

We bring the latest cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment of allergy disorders with the latest protocols at par with global medical management guidelines.



We have 25 years of experience in the management of allergic disorders in adults and children and have successfully treated thousands of allergy sufferers.

our Process






Did you know

that allergies can be cured naturally.