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Food allergy


Oral Immunotherapy(OIT)


Researchers have been studying the use of oral immunotherapy as a treatment for food allergy. A food allergy patient taking oral immunotherapy (OIT) eats increasing, but carefully measured doses of their allergy-provoking food in an attempt to become desensitized to the problem food. Initial results appear promising, even in people with peanut, egg and milk allergies. In expert hands this treatment is safe. • A typical course of OIT begins with a tiny initial dose of the allergen, followed by escalating doses under medical supervision, starting with tiny amounts of food protein and doubling repeatedly to a small, tolerated dose. Next, over 4 to 6 months, this daily dose is increased each week or two under supervision until a maintenance dose is reached. The maintenance dose is consumed every day for many months. Typical OIT doses are measured in milligrams or grams. • Oral food challenges during the maintenance period test how much food allergen the patient can eat without reaction following treatment. A desensitized patient can tolerate an oral food challenge while their program of daily maintenance dosing continues.


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